Welcome to Smile Again Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. We understand it may be your first time seeing a periodontist, and we want to make sure you know what to expect from our team.

Completing Necessary Paperwork

After making an appointment, our team will send you new patient forms to fill out via your preferred delivery method. For your convenience, we offer all patient forms on our website and encourage you to complete them before your visit.

When You Arrive for Your Evaluation

Upon arrival at our Temple City periodontist's office, our receptionist will greet you and make sure to review your information with you. Our dental assistant will then guide you to our treatment room to take photos and any necessary x-rays.

Your Periodontal Evaluation with Dr. Hsu

Dr. Hsu will then meet with you, ask some questions specific to your situation, and perform his periodontal evaluation. During this exam, Dr. Hsu will record probing depths, loose teeth, recession, occlusion, and other signs of periodontal disease. The exam also includes an oral cancer screening.

The goal of this exam is not only to determine whether you have gum disease but how many teeth are involved and how severely they are affected. Dr. Hsu will review his findings with you and make some recommendations. He encourages discussion and aims to figure out a way to help.

Your Periodontal Treatment Plan

Based on his evaluation findings, Dr. Hsu will recommend a personalized treatment plan to restore your gum health and have you smiling confidently again in no time. To ensure seamless continuity of care throughout treatment, Dr. Hsu will communicate his findings to your general dentist.

One of our professional team members will schedule appointments as needed and discuss with you our insurance and financing options. 

We look forward to seeing you smile!